• Aerial Video

    The best way to sell your property’s location.

Aerial Video – Cheaper than a helicopter ride

What we do: We use a top-of-the-line drone and shoot your property’s exterior and surrounding area with 4k video.

What this is for: The first type of property that benefits most from aerial video is one with land. Giving a bird’s eye view helps potential buyers to take in the significance of the property even more than showing up in person. The second type of property is one with a great neighborhood around it that will highlight how closely tied the property is to a style of life that may be what the buyer is after. The last type is anything with a view of the city. Enjoy the breathtaking shots that flatter your property and end in a reveal of the city of Philadelphia.

Delivery Time: Video within 7 business days. Video rushing available for 3-business-day delivery for a $50 fee.

From: $179.99

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